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How do you create an authentic brand occasion for teens?

In 2017 we were challenged to make a brand occasion for teens around Halloween for Fanta to make the calendar event as big as Christmas is for Coca-Cola.


We partnered with Snapchat to engage with the audience on their terms in their own cultural sphere, creating exclusive content available from on-pack. Snapcodes led to AR face lenses with which the audience they could play, co-create and share personalised content with friends.

In 2018 we made Halloween even bigger for Fanta with a teen-focussed cross-platform idea: Fantamorphosis. Teens were mysteriously transforming everywhere, shapeshifting into creatures that could get to Fanta easier.

At the centre of the activity were once again the special packs of Fanta with unlockable Snapchat exclusive rewards, supported by toolkits to empower influencers, social managers and content creators across Europe, compelling teens to share their transformations and maximise UGC. By ensuring we were using the right platform and creating content with an appropriate value exchange, our meaningful approach led to sales of Fanta increasing during the Halloween period by 9% year on year from 2017-2019 and established the connection between Fanta & Halloween with teens without needing surplus digital activations or voluminous content. Sustainable, streamlined and meaningful, our strategy was simple and effective.


  • 25 million unique Snapchat users in 2017
  • 1.14 million on-pack Snapcodes unlocked in 2017
  • 17 years total playtime on Snapchat in 2018
  • 45% content engagement rate in 2018 (2x the platform benchmark)
  • 57 second playtime per user 2019
  • 37% increase in engagement in key target age group 2019
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