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How do you keep your head during the dark days of the pandemic and bring purpose back to an empty office?

Well, you can do what we did and start a radio station.

The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, of course, but it made us consider what we do and how we do it. This encouraged us to explore how audio and the web can work together and how we approach building a brand in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

Lucky enough to have the space to dedicate to a small radio studio in our office, and knowing this would give purpose back to the return to the office after months of WFH, we decided to create an ongoing platform for audio content to see where it would take us and what more could learn about audio, guided by our belief that the best way to learn how to do something is to start doing it.


Loose is our online radio station. It broadcasts daily from our basement studio in Hoxton. It is a music community formed around an open-minded love of the eclectic, the experimental, the ecstatic.

We broadcast shows by DJs from the UK and around the world, live from our studio or pre-recorded and has so far hosted over 150 DJs on the airwaves. Some not so well known, some established, some fairly big like Laurence Guy and Norm Talley, and upcoming artists like Tech Support and Talking Drums.

The website Loose.fm, where you can listen, is built with core html simplicity at the presentation layer through the browser. One single, social platform (Instagram) drives brand engagement and awareness and we have created a templated process in-house to develop Loose content in a sustainable, scalable way.


After 3 months, Loose reaches 2500 unique listeners a month since launching in late September 2021, and continues to grow. This year we intend to expand the schedule to 24/7, explore brand partnerships, run events and produce merch. < View all case studies