Is travel work or play for planners?

Our Planner, Joe Rasmussen, recently wrote about how Planners can benefit from travel on Medium. Here’s an extract of his post.

Experiencing stuff is a good thing for Planners. That’s why travel is so beneficial for us. We should be worldly people. It’s important for us to get out of the norm and see how different cultures do things. What are we, if we don’t have fresh perspectives to offer?

There’s not much on the internet about this. I’ve looked. It’s as if there isn’t a single planner amongst the LinkedIn aficionados and twenty-something yoga-loving bloggers living in Bali who love to write. All the articles on the net feel generic. They’re about as relevant for us as they are for an accountant.

So, how do you disguise three months-worth of drinking Bintangs to a Planning Director who can see through your bullshit? You can’t, really. But you can embrace it and reframe it. Travel’s not all fun and games — it’s equally an investment into your strategy career.

How so? Check out Joe’s piece in full on Medium for five great reasons (or excuses!) for planners to enjoy a bit of travel.