Transforming your relationship with Gen Z

Movement’s Will Hossner, Rebecca Evans and Laaiqah Aslam recently delivered a webinar to a brand-only audience, focused on how to understand and communicate with Gen Z. Here’s a short extract of the presentation.

Gen Z falls between the (rather wide) age range of 9 and 23. While there are obviously huge differences between ages, social groups, communities and more, there are some traits that are commonly found in the teenage and lower 20s group.

Gen Z tends to be liberally-minded when it comes to race, gender, identity and sexuality, as well as socially and technologically empowered. They want to be authentic and creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. As such, they favour brands and products that allow them to behave in this way and express their individuality.

They use social platforms, but in a different way to older generations. YouTube is increasingly becoming their platform of choice for long-form content. They use Instagram for inspiration and to show a curated version of themselves, while Snapchat is how they communicate with friends – it’s where they are at their most ‘real’.

When it comes to reaching teens, there are four key points to remember:

  1. Teens remix culture and distort reality to express themselves: their creative nature means they want to put a unique spin what they see.

  2. Involving teens in decision-making for your brand can be effective: Brands need to tap into teens’ creative side and make them feel involved.

  3. It’s OK for Gen Z if things look a bit rough around the edges: in fact, it’s often better that they do – as long as it’s authentic.

  4. By championing imperfection, you can transform your relationship with Gen Z: brands can embrace a low-fi aesthetic to speak to the audience on their level. 

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