Two Wins at The Drum Awards

Last night we were delighted to pick up not just one, but two awards at the annual Drum Agency Business Awards! Here’s a quick overview of the two winning campaigns.

Most Effective Campaign: Clarins Connect revolutionizing the digital customer journey 

Beauty brand Clarins, like many similar businesses, employs a host of representatives to be the face of its brand when dealing with in-store customers. These ‘Beauty Advisers’ are often equipped with little more than a paper booklet to help them share their advice with customers and ultimately, sell products and capture customer data. 

Clarins recognised that this paper-based approach was hardly 21st century thinking. They came to us at Movement and asked us if we could help improve their in-store consultation and data capture process. But we didn’t take the brief at face value – we knew that there was an opportunity to use digital to help Clarins completely revolutionize the way they deal with customers, both face to face and on an ongoing basis. 

What began as a discussion of how to record customer data evolved into a fully bespoke iPad app called Clarins Connect. It’s used to record consultations, capture customer and sales data, and help generate leads – allowing Beauty Advisors to skip the paperwork, and focus fully on the customer. 

Beauty brands are also looking to integrate their digital and physical presences more seamlessly – we’ve written about this in detail before. Whether it’s AR mirrors in-store like Charlotte Tilbury or online digital skin diagnostics as pioneered by L’Oreal, these companies are bringing their digital and physical brands together. 

If marketers aren’t treating the digital and the real world as one and the same, they’re not going to be able to reach anyone as effectively as if they came at a brief with an open mind to all channels. It’s not always about pushing your particular specialism on a client, it’s about creating the right strategy for the brand. Even if that means reaching out to other agency specialists who can complement your own skillset. 

And for brands seeking a digital strategy, it’s first worth considering if this will take you far enough, if there’s a missing piece in the picture. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a TV spot, it’s still important to understand how your brand exists in the physical world, as well as the online one; from packaging to shopper to experiences. 

It’s more important than ever for brands to be able to play effectively where the real and digital worlds collide. This approach will win over younger audiences, future-proofing businesses for the next generation of consumers.

Since its launch, Connect has been rolled out in 530 stores across the country, with many more in the pipeline. Clarins’ Beauty Advisors have used the app to help, and record the details of, over 650,000 customers and 1.2 million conversations, recording £60million+ in sales.

Best Digital Campaign: Fanta – FANTAMORPHOSIS

Fanta helped teens transform at Halloween, with a campaign that spanned 14 markets in Western Europe.

Halloween is a key time when teens experiment with their identity, particularly those aged 16 to 19. Fanta released empowering tools and experiences that allowed teens creative freedom when expressing their identity, on the platforms where they spend most their time.

An overarching theme of ‘transformation’ ran through four Halloween-themed Snapchat lenses, with each featuring a different character that has distinct features that change to allow teens to get to Fanta more easily. Two filters and 15 Stickers could be added to Snapchat images or pinned to video content. Snapcodes on the back of Halloween-themed Fanta packs, designed by artist Noma Bar, drove consumers to unlock the exclusive Snapchat content.

The campaign was supported by assets across other digital platforms, such as Instagram, with formats for Feed, Stories and Instagram TV (IGTV). Additional assets included digital banners and an eCommerce toolkit for local markets to activate. All social media content was themed around transformation, including Halloween nail art and make-up tutorials, party hacks and costume tutorials.

Fanta Halloween has become one of the most successful ever brand activations on Snapchat. A highly engaged teen audience totaling over 126 million impressions, generating a 45% Snapchat engagement rate (vs a 20-25% platform benchmark). 

With more than 722k on-pack Snapcodes scanned; Snapchatters played with the creative for an average of 55 seconds each, equating to a total of 17 years combined lens engagement time – one of the highest averages ever seen on the platform. 

The best bit? The campaign resulted in a significant uplift in Y-O-Y sales in multiple markets within Western Europe and established a footing in Halloween that few (if any) of Fanta’s competitors can claim.

Congratulations to all our talented team members who worked on both these brilliant campaigns!